We must recognise and embrace the inherent complexity of the work in which we are engaged, and adopt systems of management which recognise that such complexity can only be addressed by drawing upon and developing the skill and creativity of all those involved.

Alex Chard and Patrick Ayre (2010)

YCTCS ltd provide specialist developmental resources for agencies managing services for children and young people. We work in sectors such as children's social care, youth criminal justice, education, youth work and the third sector. Within these sectors we can evidence longstanding knowledge of effective work with both local and national systems.

Whilst not bound to a particular approach we have a strong orientation towards systemic practice and have applied systemic approaches to service development over many years. Dr Alex Chard, Director of YCTCS ltd is a visiting lecturer at the University of Bedfordshire for the Professional Doctorate in Systemic Practice he has also helped to develop a module in Systemic Leadership for Social Workers.

YCTCS ltd was formed in January of 2001, the company was a development from a partnership owned by the directors of YCTCS ltd which had traded for 10 years. Having provided developmental services within the sector for more than two decades, we have a proven track record of delivery of complex projects on time and to requirement. We can provide excellent references if required.

If you are looking for assistance in developing your service, I would be pleased to discuss your context and ways that we might help you to deliver excellent outcomes for children.

Dr Alex Chard, Director YCTCS ltd

Telephone 01883 744239

Or you can use the the Contact Us tab to send an emai

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